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Leak when unloading loader while loading

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There seems to be a memory leak when I call dispose on a FlexContentDisplay when the image is still loading. The leak only happens when the image has not finished loading.


Any idea why?

Is there someting in my code that could cause that?


Here's some info on the context:

-Imageloaders are all in the same LoaderMax

-autoDispose on the imageLoader is set to false

-it seems to be leaking flash.display::Loader objects

-The FlexContentDisplay is removed from all references in my code after calling the dispose function


Any help would be appreciated,



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Sorry, we're not aware of any leaks caused by LoaderMax.

In addition to what you are already doing our best advice is to make sure that you remove any eventListeners you may have added. 


Our dispose() method calls both unload() and dispose() on the native Loader and there really isn't anything else we can do beyond that.


Unfortunately if you google "AS3 Loader memory leak" you have a few hours if not days worth of reading and testing to do :(


We haven't touched the LoaderMax source in years. There is very little demand for our AS3 loading tools due to:

  • Adobe abandoning Flex
  • Adobe distancing itself from Flash Pro and especially swf output
  • lack of support for swfs across mobile AND now desktop

We just can't afford to be spending days hunting down Flash Player bugs any more. Wish I had better news for you.

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I'm pretty sure it's just a leak in flash player itself.

I patched it by making sure that loaders are done loading before unloading them.

It's not the best solution because it affects the end user experience but it will have to do for now.

Thank you for your time.

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