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set the value of an input via ScrambleText

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Is there a way to use ScrambleText to animate the value of an <input /> element?

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No, not directly, because input tags do not have any text and ScrambleText isn't designed for tweening attributes.


However, you can just scramble the text in a non-visible element and apply to the value attribute of your input using an onUpdate.


see: http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/XmXepb?editors=101

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Hi Carl

Thanks for that pen it was very helpful, out of interest I went away a tried to find a method of reversing the animation so that e.g on a button click the value attribute would scramble to nothing, in the same fashion in which it reveals itself here is my pen.


See the Pen wGrOjY?editors=101 by w9914420 (@w9914420) on CodePen


As you can see it kinda works, but I am not quite happy with the result, I just wonder if you could give some advice, again the effect which I am trying to achieve is a reverse scramble in the same way that it is revealed.





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