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Flash not quite dead

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Hi Jack

On the http://greensock.com/gsap-1-18-0 page I couldn't leave a comment even though I was logged in.


Anyway you said "...these changes are for HTML5/JS only. Demand for the Flash version is tiny now that browsers are phasing Flash out, so all of our attention is on the HTML5/JS toolset at this point."


Demand may be tiny and I understand your business decisions but please don't forget those of us still actively developing AIR and Flash applications. For instance our business uses a custom network media delivery system running in AIR/Flash and we are constantly developing new AIR kiosk apps and indeed hiring Flash devs to do so (when we can find 'em). 





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Sorry about the commenting glitch on the site - it only affects certain accounts and we're working on fixing that. Embarrassing. 


And yes, I totally hear you regarding Flash and AIR. Just because browsers are shoving the Flash Player out doesn't mean that Flash is dead as a development platform. We just have limited resources and need to be very strategic about where we focus them. We try to listen to the community and what they want - they have made it crystal clear that they overwhelmingly want help in the HTML5/JS space and that Flash is becoming less and less relevant. Just look at the level of activity in the Flash forums compared to HTML5/JS. 


Trust me - Carl and I both loved Flash and hated the thought of it going away. We lived and breathed Flash every day for years. But alas, the market has shifted regardless of how we feel about it. We're doing our best to embrace it rather than complaining. It's actually quite fun and exciting once we got the hang of it. 


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Nice to hear you guys are still hiring Flash devs and cranking out AIR apps. :)

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