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Timeline "add" — trying to understand the logic

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I've been studying the GreenSock HTML5 banner example (

See the Pen lEiAv by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

)%C2"> am somewhat confused by this syntax

.to($for, 0.2, {autoAlpha:1}, "for")
  .add("introOut", "+=0.7")
  .to($for, 0.2, {autoAlpha:0, left:300}, "introOut")
  .to($animations, 0.2, {autoAlpha:0, top:"-=300px"}, "introOut")
  return tl;

Specifically, what is the logic for 


.add("introOut", "+=0.7")?


Obviously it's adding the animation that is immediately following (the two next lines) at a point .7 seconds beyond the end of the timeline — but why do this at all and not something like

 .to($for, 0.2, {autoAlpha:0, left:300}, "+=0.7", "introOut")
  .to($animations, 0.2, {autoAlpha:0, top:"-=300px"}, "introOut")

Any insight appreciated.


I was also curious, in this animation, what effect the line

  TweenLite.set($deviceHead, {transformPerspective:600});

has — I tried changing the value and got no change in the animation.

See the Pen lEiAv)%C2 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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.add("introOut", "+=0.7")

is adding an "introOut" label 0.7 seconds after the previous animation finished.


The next two lines animations are starting at the same time the "introOut" got created.

But you could also add a delay: "introOut+=1.8" would've started them 1.8sec after the introOut label got created.


A good resource is http://greensock.com/docs/#/HTML5/GSAP/TimelineLite/addLabel/

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Is there any difference between using "add" vs "addLabel"?

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Nope - it's just that add() can accept a bunch of stuff (a tween, a timeline, a callback, a label, etc.). addLabel() is somewhat of a legacy method from a while back, but it's totally fine to use. 

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Thanks.  Why wouldn't one do the following though:

.to($for, 0.2, {autoAlpha:0, left:300}, "+=0.7", "introOut")

Wouldn't that both add the label and then add the next animation at that label?  My confusion was there: the separate step for adding the label.  Was there a reason for that?

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It just keeps things clean that way. The way you were suggesting wouldn't work because there's no 5th parameter of to() and it would be counter-intuitive to add it that way since it'd come out of order and it'd force people to define the 4th parameter (even if it's zero) in order to get to define a label. 

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