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SplitTextField - Jumbled Text

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I am having a little difficulty with the SplitTextField and was looking for some assistance.


My goal is to animate a SplitTextField from the right portion of the screen to the left.

I am using a font size of 8 and have done everything I can to reduce the anti aliasing.


I am using TweenMax to animate the text.


The Problem:

I am noticing that as the text animates across the screen, the letters do not all move in sync with each other.

For example, if I have "Hello World", sometimes the e will move before the H and overlap it a little.  On the next frame update, the H will move and things are back to normal.  This continually happens as the text moves across the screen, making it seem as if the text is jiggling as it moves.


I suspected this may be due to the GridFitType being set to PIXEL, so I changed all references of GridFitType to SUBPIXEL, but unfortunately that did not solve the problem.


I know it was mentioned in the limitations that 

  • Positioning may be incorrect when non-standard anti-aliasing is used (like "anti-alias for readability"). Even with standard anti-aliasing, depending on the specific font you use positioning may be slightly off.

Is the issue I am encountering directly referenced by the above limitation (is this limitation referencing the entire text block or each letter?) or is there something I can do to make the text movement more in sync?


Thank you very much for your assistance!

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Sorry I have never used or adjusted GridFitType so I can't speak to how that may impact things.

It is very hard to know what could be wrong by this description alone. 

I can assure you that nothing is out of sync in the engine and I'm confident it is a rendering issue though.


I would suggest the following:

  • try another font
  • Use SplitText to break apart the text, but then use an ENTER_FRAME or another engine to animate the text (maybe even the AS3 Tween class)
  • remove text from the equation entirely. Use the same TweenMax code to animate a few simple shapes / movieclips to see if they are out of sync or overlap.

If after those tests you think there may be an issue with TweenMax animating things with inaccurate timing, just provide a super simple fla that clearly illustrates the problem and we will take a look.

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