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Help with ClickTAG

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As discussed in this forum before Flash is dead and I have to switch to HTML5 banners. 

I have tried different solutions and now planing to use Flash CC html5 canvas animation until I learn how to make perfect hand coded and animated banners with Greensock. As for the background I have previously used Greensock (I think it was the same) library but after years passed without banner work I didn't use it and now in this summer I just started again with regular tween and timeline. 


But now my biggest problem with the change is not the file size or how to animate. I am in trouble of adding ClickTAG to the banners. 


I want to add it in Flash as actionscript layer but as I understand html5 canvas is using JS so I can not use old as klicktag code. What I have now is >

this.button_1.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToWebPage);
function fl_ClickToGoToWebPage() {
window.open("ClickTag", "_blank");
+ a button in stage with instance name button_1 - but sadly this doesn't work. 
I know that I could add <a> link around the canvas in html but it means I have to make a new one every time when I publish again. So when you are in a rush and make some small correction in banner it can be easily forgotten. 
Any help much appreciated!
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Hi Daniel,
Welcome to the forums.
I will not be able to help you out with the Flash CC canvas exporter as I have 0 experience with it. Have you looked into their help docs? I always find something useful there.
However, if you are talking about banners, the clicktag will depend on the platform the ad is being served. Each ad platform has its own little snippet of code that you need to use as a clicktag. Getting in touch with them will be your best bet.
Finally, the famous generic clicktag. That is used when the banner is going to be self-hosted. The site where is displaying it is the one responsible for trafficking it. You have the code quite right yourself but clickTag has to be a variable.

var clickTag;

Then, on your click event:

window.open(clickTag, "_blank");

Where you define the variable will depend on the site hosting. Sometimes will be straight into the HEADER tag as a <script> attibute.

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Daniel8 you may want to try Edge Animate as it has a familiar timeline.


There is a relatively short Lynda.com tute on migrating to Edge for Flash people.




And of course the much longer tute: Edge Animate Essential Training





If I do use Flash CC it will be for some complex animation that requires lots of nested movie clips, not for your average banner that animates text, images and CTA in succession.


The biggest issue with the Flash CC route IMHO is fonts :( When you copy and paste from your Flash timeline to a Canvas doc in Flash you will get warnings about fonts, saying you need to use device fonts.


At least with Edge you can use Google Fonts, Edge Web fonts, web safe fonts like Arial, and self hosted fonts*

* could be legal issues with self hosted.


Also Dipscom is correct about knowing where your banners are going to be served from. For instance Doubleclick has DCM and DCRM. If your banners are not rich media that can simply be uploaded to DCM as a zip file, with your backup image outside your zip.


Here are the Edge templates for DCRM





For DCM you will use 


window.open(clickTag, "_blank"); on your button in Edge.


and <script type="text/javascript">

var clickTag = "https://www.google.com";
right before </head> in your published Edge HTML file.
In DCM if your ads are booked as Enhanced Ads there is no limit to how many files can be in your zip. In DCM your polite load is simply a placeholder image. In DCRM polite load is specific to DCRM's enabler.js. DC has great documentaion for DCRM, DCM's documenation is aimed more at the AdOps side.
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