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Doubleclick Dymanic Geo tageting

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Obviously not a GSAP question, but this forum is the only one  I have seen with a dedicated area for banner creation questions.


Just wondering if any of the banner gurus have done dynamic feed ads in Studio that were Flash and now will be converting to HTML5.


Looks like I am going to be studying for multiple DC certification exams  :-o

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Nope but do come back here when you're done with the studying coz I will want that knowledge. ;)

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I saw something that said Doubleclick wants all creative shops to have someone on staff that has earned their QA certification by Q315   :shock:

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It does make sense for them to encourage that. The amount of places I have seen where not a single person there actually cares to know the basics is quite shocking.


Besides, that should reduce the amount of rejected QAs.

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