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Scaling + moving image causes stuttering

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I'm trying to scale an image down from 200% to 100% to the center of a div.


First I used the image as the background of the div, simply animating the backgroundSize with background-position: center;. This worked, but caused the image to heavily stutter during the animation in both Chrome and FF at least.


I then created a workaround and setting the initial image width and height to double the original size and setting the left: -25%; (also tried using translate() for this).


.windmolens {
    position: absolute;
    left: -277px;
    top: -40px;
    width: 1108px; /* original image size is half of this */
    height: 160px; /* original image size is half of this */


NuonTl.to(background, 3.5, {width: "554px", height: "80px", left: 0, top: 0})


Result: http://comheroes.nl/nuonbanners/728x90/


With this code I have the stuttering in Chrome, FF and IE11.


There's no stuttering if I leave out the positioning (left, top animation)..


Any tips?

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The trick here is to scale (rather than tween the height and width) and tween the x/y properties (rather than top/left). 

See the Pen GJLVxj by sgorneau (@sgorneau) on CodePen

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Thanks guys!


It's amazing how to get 2 very useful responses in under 45 minutes. And that on a Saturday haha!


Sorry for not providing a codepen demo, will do so in the future.


Diaco's code does the trick. But in addition I learned 2 new things: use x/y rather than top/left and to use rotationZ:0.01 on scale tweens.

You guys are awesome. Have a great weekend!

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