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How to link the animation of time counter and dragged item?

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Hi guys! Need your help! I need to connect the "Knob" and animation of numbers in Adobe Edge Animate, I did the dragged knob, and don't know how to do the rest ...


Knob like this one greensock.com/draggable

Change numbers with dragging like this greensock.com/timelinelite

Add some scrins and Edge Animate files in attach files to better explain what I mean :)


Thanks in advance for any help! Regards





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Hi Arthematix  :)


you can get rotation easily with " this.rotation " , like this : 

See the Pen NqJZbG by MAW (@MAW) on CodePen

Draggable.create(".dial", {
bounds:{minRotation:0,maxRotation:360},//set min/max range limitation 
throwProps:true ,
onDrag:Calc , 
onThrowUpdate: Calc // if you want to use ThrowProps you need onThrowUpdate fn to run your function on throwing

function Calc(){
  console.log( this.rotation ) 
 // you can do any math calc with " this.rotation " to get your desire range number like : this.rotation/360
 var R = this.rotation/360 ;
 document.getElementById(" myText ").innerHTML= R ; 
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