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Mouse pointer interaction

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Hi everyone, is there any examples that utilize user's mouse to modify element animations using GS? Best example would be animations three.js

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Not exactly sure what effect you're looking for, but all the Draggable examples (http://greensock.com/draggable/) use mouse interaction, and if you search codepen I'm pretty sure you'll find some demos that leverage GSAP and THREE.js. 

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I'm new here.  I'm also interested in "When the mouse is hovering near- or moving toward- something"  ( not onHover event ).  Like, as mouse moves toward the nearest H2 heading, the text does a subtle stagger animation.  I'm not a professional coder, I just learned the difference between Pointer events, Mouse events and Touch events recently.  I know it's possible to learn and code this with javascript and jQuery by hand, but I'm hoping someone has made it easier already.  Does anyone have some examples, mouse-watching without click-triggering

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Hi stevenha :) , welcome to the GreenSock forum .


actually we have to keep our support focused on GSAP api .


anyway , you can try something like this :

var elem = document.getElementById('myDiv') ,
    elemBCR = text.getBoundingClientRect();

  var X = e.pageX-elemBCR.left , Y = e.pageY-elemBCR.top ;
  var Distance = Math.sqrt( X*X + Y*Y );
  console.log( Distance );
  if( Distance < 250 ){ /*  your tween or whatever  */ };
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Hi @stevenha


Instead of doing a calculation on every mouse move, you can put an HTML or SVG element inside a transparent container, and then set that container to handle events. This will trigger the event when you are within a set proximity of the element. Look at how the blue circle starts to animate before you are hovering over the actual point.


See the Pen OyJVzN by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen


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stevenha here are some resources you might find useful for hover events in javascript:

Difference between mouseenter  vs mouseover .. or ... between mouseleave  vs mouseout .. is that mouseenter  and mouseleave  do not use event bubbling, and act similar to the CSS psuedo-class :hover


Types of events:






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