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Parse csv data into variables

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My challenge is getting this to work:


Client delivers csv file

as3 script parses csv file and maps data into variables

variables are placed into symbols

symbols are animated (with GS)


note: in the future html5 animation will be used, client prefers it this way for now


I think at some point I need to work with a loaderclass but since i'm new to coding animation and with all the documentation on the web it's hard to know where to start, so I thought go ask the Yoda of animation: Greensock :)


Kindly advice


Many thanks,


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Hi Toni. I'd really like to help (I love challenges), but unfortunately we're swamped and we don't have the resources to provide free consulting services in the forums. If you have a very specific GreenSock-related question, we'd be happy to do our best to answer it. 

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Hi Jack,


I understand, no problem :)

Was hoping there was a post that covered something like this already, and I just missed it.

Oh well, gonna dive in myself.

If I come across some concrete GS roadblocks, i'll let you know




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