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VideoLoader to generate thumbnails

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I have been using Videoloader for a while now (actually changed over from my own loader)


I am trying to load in a whole bunch of videos and make them play a few seconds in so I can generate thumbnails of the videos for the user.


If I load the video with with autoplay set to true it works some of the time

if autoplay is false i always get blank screens


The other issue is i don't have a listener I can use successfully to trigger the screengrab

I am actually using a 1second timer to do it for now but thats not ideal


and the final issue if making the video jump to the specific duration point - it seems to play from the beginning of the video all the time unless I add the play control after the manual timerEvent and make it jump to the playback head


I have tried all the listeners like



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Unfortunately the Flash Player seems to just be glitchy in that regard - NetStreams don't act the way you'd expect at times. I agree - really frustrating. VideoLoader works around most of the default glitchy behavior, but unfortunately we can't work miracles - I think you'll probably just have to experiment with how much time you have to wait before the video properly shows up on the stage and can be captured. I wish I had better news for you. 

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