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Cool websites using GSAP

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Hey everyone,


I saw this post this morning about GSAP and the massive increase in usage:




Congratulations GreenSock team!  8-)


It got me wondering if anyone is compiling a list of cool sites using GSAP. All the Codepens and tutorials are great, but I always enjoy seeing the final result on live websites. I know there are some links from here in the examples section (which are quite fun and interesting), but the blog post linked above says they are aware of over 500,000 sites using GSAP so there must be some pretty interesting stuff out there.


If anyone has links to inspirational designs, I'd certainly love to see them.  


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Yeah, this was pretty encouraging news, I must admit. I had no idea GSAP was one of the 4 fastest-growing JS tools on the entire Internet. Go figure. We owe much of that success to the community spreading the word, and particularly folks like Blake, Diaco, Rodrigo, Jonathan, etc. who spend time helping people learn to use the tools effectively. I know I speak for Carl too when I say we're incredibly blessed to have such a great community involved. 

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