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recent method of timeline won't compile

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This code is copied from this page on your website: http://greensock.com/docs/#/HTML5/GSAP/TimelineMax/recent/

(Semicolons at the end of lines 3 and 4 were removed.)

The page is HTML5 documentation but I'm using AS3.

tl = new TimelineLite();
tl.to(e1, 999, {x:100, repeat:5}) //very long tween
.to(e2, 1, {y:200}, 0.5) //insert this tween at 0.5 seconds (toward the beginning of the timeline)
.to(e3, 1, {scaleX:2}, tl.recent().endTime() + 3) //inserts the new tween 3 seconds after the e2 tween which was added most recently.

The compiler reports this error, pointing to tl.recent() in the last line:

Call to a possibly undefined method recent through a reference with static type com.greensock:TimelineLite

TimelineLite, TweenLite, and core.Animation classes are all imported.

GreenSock is current version.

FlashDevelop is the development environment.


I don't understand.

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Sorry for the confusion, recent() is not available in the AS3 / AS2 version.

Best to consult the AS3 docs http://greensock.com/asdocs/com/greensock/TimelineLite.html for supported features.


FWIW we have every intention of supporting our existing Flash tools (fix any bugs – we aren't aware of any at this time) but we do not have any plans for adding new features or building new Flash tools. The market has spoken and the level of demand and interest for our Flash-related products just doesn't justify the use of our resources. All of our attention and passion is focused on innovating in the HTML5 realm. 

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Thank you Carl. It's good to know what your priorities are - and that you'll continue to support the AS3 environment.



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