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Same URL will load twice?

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If i write the same URL request but different name


like this:

<MP3Loader name="a_mp3" url="a.mp3"  autoPlay="false" />

<MP3Loader name="b_mp3" url="a.mp3"  autoPlay="false" /> 


it will load twice? or the second loader will use the cache?

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If the browser has it in its cache, it should load it from there instead of pinging the server again. Is that what you're asking? 

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hey jack,


sorry my English is not very well,


the first question is,


if the browser doesn't has it in cache in the first time,


for example:

<MP3Loader name="a_mp3" url="a.mp3"  autoPlay="false" />

<MP3Loader name="b_mp3" url="a.mp3"  autoPlay="false" /> 


After it finish the first loading ("a_mp3")


now the browser will has it in its cache,


after that, everyone who want to load the same URL but use the different name


it won't load "a.mp3" twice but use from the cache right?


and the other question is,


if i use LoaderMax.getLoader("b_mp3") to get the Mp3Loader, it will target the same instance of LoaderMax.getLoader("a_mp3") or they are different instance?


thanks for answer!

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getLoader() will return the first instance it finds that has that URL. 


And yes, if the file is already in the browser's cache and the user tries to load it again, the browser should use the cache (although technically that's up to the browser). 

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