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Yoyo in a tween in a timeline

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This works properly - a stand-alone tween:

TweenMax.to(rect, 2, {x:200, repeat:1, yoyo:true});

This does not - the same tween in a timeline - the initial translation works, but no repeat:

tl = new TimeLineMax();
tl.to(rect, 2, {x:200, repeat:1, yoyo:true})

I know that the timeline can be set to repeat and yoyo, but I just want a single tween in the timeline to repeat and yoyo.


Thanks, Gus

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Actually, you need to insert a TweenMax instance into the timeline. The convenience methods use TweenLite in order to minimize dependencies and file size. So you can simply do: 

tl.add( TweenMax.to(.... {repeat:1, yoyo:true}) );
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It's a pleasure to use your engine and work with you.

Thank you Jack.

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