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Scale a Div while exempting the Text inside

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Hi guys,


Firstly, I love GSAP and the stuff I am doing to the Div here is wizardry. 


Here it is: 


The plan is to scale the width div from a fixed size to the % of the screen size and height with a scale factor. That is working for the div. However, in the div there is text that being affected by the height scaling but not the width. I don't want it affected at all by the parent's scaling since it is warped.  I have tried a reverse scale on the height, but to no avail.


What am I doing wrong?

See the Pen eNVXxL by Afrowave (@Afrowave) on CodePen

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pls add display: block; to your #ab css and pls fix your tweens selectors  .

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Diaco, you can't be serious! After creating a bald head, that is all it took?


You are the man, okay, Wookiee  :-D

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