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Unknown delay appearing in TimelineMax

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I've been playing with your cursor demo and trying to incorporate it into a TimelineMax (just to get me started as I'm new to all of this). I'm seeing some random delay though in between the cursor stopping blinking, and the text actually being typed and I can't narrow down where it's coming from as it doesn't seem to happen in the original Codepen (although there were some errors in that for some reason!)
In addition to that, Chrome is getting a lot of the following messages, these happen at the same time as the delay so I've obviously got something mixed up.

invalid top tween value: NaN

Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause of the delay and the errors?


I've forked the original Codepen, and then recreated the delay by copying my code back in


See the Pen YXeMYN by padders1980 (@padders1980) on CodePen

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try this




I think you had additional space around the initial text (in the html) and the error came from:

top: offset.top - parentOffset //bad

top: offset.top - parentOffset.top //good

Note: the timeline had a delay which i removed too.


I also updated the version of SplitText that is being used.


Does it work the way you want now?

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Ah you're a star. Just removing the space from my html did it. I'll watch for that in future. Thank you :)

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