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Animated Image Maps

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Hi everybody, Im just starting gsap,


has anyone tried animating an object that uses traditional html Image Maps?

I assume gsap grabs the whole div or container the map resides in and translates the image map coordinates for you.


Could the area shapes be animated individually by tweenmax? (it might cause accessibility issues, I think translating the whole container might be better for compatability).

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Just scaling and rotating Carl, reading thru the docs this week some more.


Dynamically moving the map shape coordinate points isn't necessary for what I had in mind, might be a cool demo to try later.


My case is I have a jpg thumbnail with a gsap animated svg sitting on top of it providing a spinning animated border frame I posted over here.


I'll be testing out a spinning image map to rotate along with the same polygon shapes timeline for precision clicks and mouse over effects inside the frame. 

Just getting the hang of codepen, couldnt post a live sample as the svg is loaded by local reference, probably another week before I get back to this task, thanks for looking.

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