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Set duration has no effect for me

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I am trying out the gsap animation library. According to the basic docs the syntax for getting a tween up and running is:

TweenLite.to( [target object], [duration in seconds], [destination values] )

So I have tried a really simple tween based on jQuery's hover event:


Oddly, the background does change to the correct color, but it tweens instantly instead of over the course of 4 seconds as I have specified in the second argument.

I did check to make sure the default is seconds not milliseconds. It's in the docs I linked to.

I did make sure I am using TweenLite and not TweenMax.

I am using jQuery but see no conflicts or errors in the console.

Any help is appreciated. I have linked to a codepen

I have added the css plugin and it is added to the codepen as well.

See the Pen ZGXYep by anon (@anon) on CodePen

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Hi _HelloWorld_  :)


pls use ' backgroundColor ' instead of ' background ' 

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