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Using Draggable as scrollbar synchronized with Timeline

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is there a possibility to manually set the position of my draggable element?

I want to use it as an scrollbar that move synchronized with my timeline and it should automatically get updated when the timeline continues.


Ive already added an onUpdate handler to my timeline and an onDrag handler to my draggable with all the calculations already implementet.


I just dont know how I can set the position of my draggable.


My Markup is the following:

<nav id="drag-nav">
  <div class="dragger"></div>


$dragNav = $("#drag-nav");
draggerInstance = Draggable.create(".dragger", {
  type: "y",
  bounds: $dragNav,
  onDrag: onDragHandler
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Hi BornToCreate :)


pls try this  : 

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