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Multi-Finger Swipe on Draggable

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Just wanted to know if there was a way to implement two finger or three finger swipe with a draggable element. I haven't come across this in any of the documentation or forums just yet.



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The short answer is "no", but could you help us understand your goal a bit more? You want to three-finger swipe on a Draggable and make it...what? Drag? Usually devices have very specific behaviors associated with various multi-touches. Currently, Draggable tries to get out of the way of that when it senses a multi-touch on the same element. 

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Yeah I've looked at hammer. Yeah Jack. That's what I've been trying to explain.

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Just in case, yes, I think we'll add support for sensing 4-toe swipes, knuckle-drags, chin swipes, and forehead bumps. Please thank your client for the foresight. ;)


Sorry, I couldn't resist. Too funny. 


Yeah, my suggestion would be to tell your client that'd conflict with native behaviors (unrelated to Draggable) and cause UX problems. 

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