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TimelineMax remove strange behavior

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I've set up another question with a pen to make things clearer, please refer to it: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/11859-nested-timelines/





I have a strange situation where 'remove' on a TimelineMax seems to work but then not... :  


1. There a TimelineMax instance to which I add several nested timelines

2. The TimelineMax works well

3.  I remove one of the nested timelines using the 'remove' method on the TimelineMax with the nested timeline as the paramater.

4.  The nested timeline is not removed.


When I debug the code with a single nested timeline, I can see that if I set a breakpoint at the 'remove' line, then before the 'remove' is called if I call 'getChildren' on the TimelineMax then I can see some items; after the 'remove' is called if I call the 'getChildren' again then I get an empty array (as should be), but now if I single-step in the debugger one line forward and then call 'getChildren' then the array is 'magically' filled up again with the timeline I just removed...  There are no events that add nested timelines that are called in this situation.


I should note that I don't want to kill the nested timeline because I want to run it separately or add it to another instance of TimelineMax.


Any ideas?...


Thanks !



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Thanks for providing the demo in the other thread. Let's keep the conversation over there. thanks.

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