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Freelance job: JS GSAP animator (to convert video animations to JS GSAP code)

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Hi. I hope this isn't inappropriate to post on these forums. :)


We're looking for a freelancer experienced in JS GSAP animations to convert video animations into JS GSAP code.


Love to chat to anyone who's interested. I don't have a specific budget, but would love to hear from anyone who's interested and the rates you usually go by for this type of work.


At this stage we have around 8 x 3 second animations, but we're ultimately looking for someone who's interested in working long term with some pretty complex animations.


If you're interested, hit me up on: lachlan4242[at]yahoo.com.

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Sure, we don't mind if folks post job opportunities here, as long as it doesn't get too out of control. We're totally in favor of helping GSAP experts get paying work too - seems like a win-win. Good luck with the project. 

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Thanks Jack. Appreciate the support.

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