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sang hee choi

req.method = URLRequestMethod.POST; Problem

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i set like this


var req : URLRequest = new URLRequest( url );
req.data = urlVar;
req.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;
I did Monitering by using developer tool ( F12 ->  Network menu ) in chrome browser.
but result is not POST, that is GET.
i don't understand this.
i loaded binary Data by DataLoader.
if you know this kind of problem, let me know how to solve.
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I suspect the "get" request is the one that's querying the file size. Does it resolve things if you define an estimatedBytes? That way, it doesn't have to try to figure out the file size first. If you're still having trouble, please post a reduced test case FLA with only the necessary code to reproduce the problem, and we can take a peek. Hit the "more reply options" button to get to a screen where you can attach a file. Please zip it first. 

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