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Draw SVG on outlined SVG's

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I have a suite of icons that I was considering doing the gradually drawn line thing to using DrawSVG.


Thing is, they are all outlined SVGs, no stroke. Am I right in thinking that this won't be possible. Is there any way to convert if this is the case?


See Codepen for example.



See the Pen ZGWaJN by anon (@anon) on CodePen

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I think you're right - there's no auto-conversion of a filled path to an equivalent stroked one. If you bring that artwork into a program like Illustrator, you could probably manipulate things pretty easily, like select the inner piece and have Illustrator offset the path by a certain number of pixels so that it is perfectly centered inside the fill area, and then stroke that and export it. Just an idea. 

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I thought as much, thanks!

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