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TweenMax.fromTo set vars

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Having issues with  tween.fromVars = {}, tween.toVars = {}

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For optimization reasons what you're trying to do is not possible. Basically when you create a GSAP instance the starting and end values of the properties being tweened are recorded in order to avoid continous read/write operations.


What I do when I face this type of scenarios is to create a function to create the fromTo instance again and use the instance's current progress to avoid restarting it, like this:

var tween = TweenMax.fromTo(element, time, {/*fromVars*/}, {/*toVars*/});

// the function, just pass the config object as arguments
function createTween(fromVars, toVars) {

  var currentProgress = tween.progress();


  tween = TweenMax.fromTo(element, time, {fromVars}, {toVars}).progress(currentProgress);

// later on your code call the function
createTween({x:0, y:0, rotationX:0},{x:100, y:100, rotationX:180});

Give that a try and let us know if you need anything else.



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Thanks Rodrigo. 


Your method also solves it.

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