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Convex Polygon SVG as Draggable bounds?

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Hi there,


i need to constrain an element to a convex polygonal object. I made a test with an svg set for the Draggable's bounds, however i had the impression Draggable just used the svg's BoundingBox. Is that so?

Any ideas or hints as to how to accomplish this task?


Thanks a lot


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Yeah, sorry but bounds can only be rectangles. It's immensely more complex to accommodate a polygonal shape. It'd probably cost at least 10x more processing every time you move your mouse, plus it'd be expensive kb-wise. I wish I had an easy solution for you. 


Maybe you could write your own logic and drop it into an onDrag, but that'd be non-trivial.

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Hej Jack,


yeah, i tried doing something in onDrag, and it seems to somewhat work. Still have to iron out some kinks... or maybe i can convince the designer to change the layout a bit ;)




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