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My onclick event disable draggable

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I need to have my element draggable but I also need to find out where a user clicks on it. Problem with this code is that it disables the drag. Any ideas how i can get the element draggable and in the same time in someway find out where a user clicked on the element?


My code which fires and outputs the position of the click to the console but it disables draggable:


var myDiv = document.getElementById(dynamicdividname);
myDiv.onclick=function() {
         var xx = event.clientX;
         var yy = event.clientY;
         console.log("X:"+xx+" Y:"+yy);
Thanks for any answers in advance..!!
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By default, Draggable assumes that clickable elements (like ones that have an onclick defined) shouldn't be draggable. You can easily change this by adding dragClickables:true, like:

Draggable.create("#"+dynamicdividname, {dragClickables:true});
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