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TweenLite one element

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Hey guys,


So i have this element that I want to animate x=50, then when thats done animate x=100.  I cant seem to make it work or figure out how people do it.  It seems to work if I animate the target, then animate another target, then animate the original target again.  


In the codepen im animating the .menu-button

See the Pen dPeVZy by mat148 (@mat148) on CodePen

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Hello mat148, and Welcome to the GreenSock Forum!


You can try and remove your position parameter so your timeline plays in each tween one after the other:


See the Pen QwxaVb by anon (@anon) on CodePen


Also here is a great video by GreenSock on Timeline Tip: Understanding the Position Parameter


Other resources that could help:

i hope this helps! :)

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Thank you Jonathan I had no idea it was such a simple thing that I needed to change.

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no worries, glad to help :D

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