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source refers to UIComponent

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We are using the greensocks.swc in our project, and got what appeared to be an error stemming from that code, so I put in the source from the git repo instead, but it makes references to UIComponent, which is not in out project (it is not Flex), so I needed to remove some classes to get things to compile.

So, I wanted to bring this to your attention in case it is something you'd like to address. The files I removed to get things to compile were:




btw- after recompiling with the source code, I was not able to reproduce the bug...




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Glad to hear the updated files resolved things for you. As for the FlexContentDisplay and FlexBlitMask, yeah, those are just for Flex folks. Trust me, I'm not a Flex fan and I wish we didn't have to have those in there, but it was important for some people who made heavy use of Flex and wanted to use GreenSock tools too. Were you saying that you think we should delete them altogether from the repository? Or were you suggesting some other solution? 

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