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BlitMaks Scale Issue Mobile

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Hi, Thanks for the work on the library, currently we want to use blitmask on a mobile application, we are facing a problem since the content is scaled, the bitmap returned is blurry (getting worst when we set smooth to true), basically the application has an screen container, inside we place our screens which internally have a movieclip which has all the content that can be moved around(here we use the library for tweening and apply blitmask) we cannot remove the scale behaviour as it is requiered to support all kind of device screens, now the deal would be to increase the bitmap quality maybe using matrix, passing the scale to the library, maybe just resize the bitmap based on the scale and perform the internal operations based on that, the content contains text and vector graphics so the quality on it is not affected by the scaling, the problem commes when we get the map(this is for sure caused by the scale as the bitmap is getting the original size to create the bitmap), I hope you can tell how to do that or maybe give some guidance to modify the library's internal code in order to achieve this.


My best regards.

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I really wish I had a great answer for you, but unfortunately that's not something we can support right now. Feel free to make some edits to the source if you'd like, and let us know if you discover a solution. This just isn't a use case we designed BlitMask to support. 

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ok, but nothing to say about coding, some place to check or at least could you tell could be possible to be done or how hard it would be to accomplish that, since it is your code you know it better than anyone so you can know if this is possible and the amount of work needed to get it done.

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I apologize, it's just not something we have the resources to research for you. If I wrote the code sometime in the last year or two, I'd be in a better position to try to help, but BlitMask is many years old and the Flash platform has been on the decline for a long time, so there are some cobwebs and dust in the recesses of my brain where BlitMask sits :) I really do wish I could give you a better answer...I just don't have one. Very sorry.

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ok, thanks anyway, you should try to check blitmask, it is really usefull on mobile and on that area flash is not going down at all.

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