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VideoLoader StageVideo support.

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I want to utilizy stagevideo with VideoLoader. I saw stageVideo constructor parameter and stageVideo get/set property. But wanted to be aware that it is properly supported. Thats why i looked throught the source code and have some questions regarding.
1) If i want to switch to StageVideo and back again to Video dynamically (e.g. StageVideo is avaliable when direct wmode is one, but with one exception - fullscreen mode enables it regardless from wmode parameter, so we can switch to stagevideo on fullscreen and back to video in regular mode), what is the safe reccomended way to do it using VideoLoader? Using stageVideo set property? from source code i see that this property setter does not detach(set null stream) previous content(_video or _stageVideo), want it cause problems?
2) i see lots of _sprite.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,...) eventlisteners in code. Havent looked deeply what they intend to do, but in case of stageVideo won't they become useless/limit some functionality?

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We didn't design VideoLoader to switch back and forth like that, sorry. Feel free to edit the source and let us know if you get it working as you'd like, and we'll gladly consider adding your changes to the official codebase. As for the ENTER_FRAME listeners, I can't imagine how those would limit functionality in any way. In many cases, those were necessary in order to work around bugs in Adobe's NetStream that required another screen refresh to have things actually take effect. 

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