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JS Color Picker and Tweenmax

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Tweenmax team:


First of all, amazing js, I just love it.


I need help with a code that I'm actually working, it's just a Color picker that changes background colors with a bar with no position (an sliding bar), and this bar just changes the background color with hex codes.


I need to know if there's a way with Tweenmax to do a smooth transition of the background with the new hexcodes.


Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english, It's not my mother language.



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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


Yes, TweenMax can do a smooth color transition.

TweenMax.to("#redBox", 2, {backgroundColor:"#ff00ff"})
TweenMax.to("#blueBox", 2, {backgroundColor:0xff00ff})

//or rgb(), rgba(), hsl(), hsla()



Let us know if that works for you.


ps. you posted in the Flash forums initially but I moved you into the JS / HTML5 world.

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Works like a charm!, really appreciated ^_^.


Thanks!, and sorry for the wrong posted 8(.



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