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Stephane Demotte

Classname + -webkit-

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I have some issue since the last update with "-webkit-"

Not sure this bug has been fixed

  • FIXED problem caused by some Webkit browser reporting redundant/duplicate transform values (in both "transform" and "WebkitTransform") of the computed style which could cause className tweens to act oddly.

I make a simple TweenMax.to('element', 1, {className: "+=active"});
and bam !




Only on Safari and Chrome.


Everything good with gsap : 1.15.0

See the Pen bNRXYO by stephanedemotte (@stephanedemotte) on CodePen

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Aha, it looks like Chrome/Safari decided to uncapitalize Webkit in their property names. Lovely. That's what caused the issue, but don't worry - I've got a fix. It'll be in the next release. In the mean time, I've attached a preview with the edited uncompressed files. Thanks for pointing this out.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Did you try that preview of 1.15.2 that has the fix applied? 

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