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changing loaded Sound object to own expendeds sound object

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I'm trying to set some new properties to a sound and add in to a dictionary, something like 'name', 'categories', etc

My sound class:

	import flash.media.Sound;
	import flash.media.SoundLoaderContext;
	import flash.net.URLRequest;
	public class ExpendedSound extends Sound
		public var name:String;
		public var categories:String;
		public function ExpendedSound(stream:URLRequest = null, context:SoundLoaderContext = null):void
			super(stream, context);

but I can't seems to change or cast the loaded content to be ExpendedSound instead of a normal Sound object.

var sound:ExpendedSound = loader.getLoader('sound').content;

Anyway to solve this?

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Do you have an example of your class working with a Sound that does not come from MP3Loader?

I would definitely start there.

I'm having trouble understanding why the content of an MP3Loader (which is a Sound) wouldn't work but others would. 


I don't see in your code where you are actually casting a Sound as your ExpendedSound: http://upshots.org/actionscript-3/as3-casting-objects

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