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LoaderMax Url mutations

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BUG 1.

Here is the signed test url to video on Amazon s3 bucket.


The problem is that when i set auditSize:true in LoaderMax i see such an url in the network panel(chrome) and request fails.


Look at the Signature parameter value, it was modified somehow at the end (aijVzGhTukgz32VZ1DSLfJZckuU%3D vs aijVzGhTukgz32VZ1DSLfJZckuU%253D)

When is set allowMalformedURL:true in the VideoLoader that i pass to LoaderMax the initial url is preserved BUT new parameters (gsCacheBusterID) are appended without "&" separator. Look:


Minor issues here: Also query string parameters order is not preserved when allowMalformedURL:false.  It would be good if the order could be preserved in future versions, also it would be good to be able to tell loader not to modify url at all for audit requests if possible.

BUG 2.

When i use VideoLoader (allowMalformedURL:false) directly without LoaderMax for the above test url with querystring parameters i see the following url in network panel with failure:
So you can see that querystring is trimmed. When i set allowMalformedURL:true it works fine.

Environment: Win 7. Flash builder 4.6, Chrome 39 ,Shockwave Flash 16.0 r0 Debug (pepflashplayer32_16_0_0_257.dll).
LoaderMax VERSION: 1.938 DATE: 2014-06-26, VideoLoader VERSION: 1.938 DATE: 2013-07-16

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Thanks for the detailed information. We always appreciate that. 


It looks like in this case Adobe's own URLRequest isn't doing its job properly of combining the URL and URLVariables cohesively. I have applied a patch for when allowMalformedURL is true. Let me know if this resolves things (attached). 


As for the meta data not being received, that is typically caused by either the video being encoded improperly, or the server not serving it properly (I think there may be some server-side settings that must be tweaked, but I'm not a server-side guy. I just remember reading that if the server isn't configured properly, the meta data won't get fed down the pipe in the right order, or at all). 


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Fix works thanks. I have another question. Lets imagine there is a chance that modified url (with gsCacheBusterID purpose added) can fail audit reuqest. What will happen then? Will the actual request be done anyway afterward? How this can be handled properly.

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If it fails, it will try the alternateURL. 

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