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Click test distance

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Is there a way to change the click test from 3px to something greater? I'm finding in Android browsers that a Draggable object is hard to click because it has a tendency to move a very short distance when I tap the field. On most mobile browsers, 3px is extemely tiny because of retina displays, thus a larger pixel range would be beneficial.

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There isn't currently such an option, but it's not difficult to add. I've attached a preview of the next Draggable that recognizes a "minimumMovement" parameter. You can set that higher if you want. Let me know if it works well for you please. 


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That is SUPER useful. When is this expected to be released?

Is there away to lock it on the x or y axis? Here is what I currently have, and works perfectly when I drag left and right. But the state change also happens when I swipe up and down.

Draggable.create( $this, {
    type            : 'x',
    edgeResistance  : 0.2,
    throwProps      : true,
    minimumMovement : 100,
    lockAxis        : true,
    maxDuration     : 0.5,
    bounds          : { minX : -gridWidth, maxX : gridWidth },
    onDragEnd : function ( e ) {
        target = e.target;
        current = ( current < childLength - 1 ) ? ++current : 0;
        updateHero( target );
        updateHeroText( target, current );
    onThrowComplete : function () {
        TweenLite.set( $this, { clearProps : "transform, z-index" } );
        resetText( target );
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Hi jermbo  :)


that's already included , pls download the last version of GSAP (1.15.1 )


minimumMovement special property to Draggable (set in the config object) that defines the minimum distance that the mouse/touch must move before being interpreted as a drag. Default is 2.
for now you can use something like this :
var elX;
minimumMovement :50 , 
onPress:function(){ elX=this.x },
if( this.x>elX || this.x<elX ){
  // your function.....
pls check this out : 

See the Pen bNYRed by MAW (@MAW) on CodePen

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Thank you all. I apologize about disappearing as I thought no one responded since I didn't get any notification of a response. I downloaded 1.15/0.11. This will make a huge difference for mobile devices which seem to be more sensitive than desktop ones.

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Yes indeed. Thanks for the reminder. Done. 

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Hi jermbo  :)


Now , with new version ( 1.16.0 ) , you can easily find the lockedAxis :


Draggable exposes the lockedAxis property so that you can find out whether it's "x" or "y".


pls check this out :


See the Pen bNYRed by MAW (@MAW) on CodePen

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