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EaselPlugin not working b/c of caching

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Hi I am trying to use your EaselPlugin, however no matter what I try I cannot tween filters b/c I get an error that the object needs to be cached. Specifically "Uncaught EaselPlugin warning: for filters to display in EaselJS, you must call the object's cache() method first. [object HTMLCanvasElement]" in Chrome. I tried out your sample code in the docs, and I get the same error, even tried using EaselJS's sample code and adding a filter tween on mouse over, with the same error. I'm pretty sure I loaded all the correct scripts.


Can you help me figure out why it's not caching even when cache is there?!

See the Pen OPbNjz?editors=101 by ashleebeggs (@ashleebeggs) on CodePen

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


Thank you for providing the demo.


I copied the code from the docs and added it to this pen: http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/XJNder?editors=001


Seems you were not loading the EaselPlugin and I think there were some other errors too but I didn't have time to hunt them down. 

Feel free to fork the demo I provided.


Happy Tweening!

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Thanks for the response! One more question, can the EaselPlugin work on images too? Would I have to put an image into a canvas element? Thanks

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Actually to revise my question, I have an image in a canvas but no matter what filter I put on it, it does not change or throw any errors...

Here is the codepen 

See the Pen OPbXLB?editors=101 by ashleebeggs (@ashleebeggs) on CodePen

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Thanks again for the demo.


Nothing wrong with your code.

The problem is that browsers can not read or write pixel data on images loaded from different domains. 

I took your code an made sure the html and image were both coming from the same domain.


Look here: http://greensock.com/temp/easel-bitmap/


Attached is a zip. You can run the files in FireFox locally, but note that webkit browsers will still give you problems




As long as  your files are running on a webserver and being loaded from the same domain, you should have no problem as shown in my link above.




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