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How can I load a file using a relative path to the swf?

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Hello and thanks again for your product here!


I have a swf in a folder on my server for ever client.  I'd like each of those swfs to load a file in a common folder one level up.  For exmple:







How can i direct Loadermax to reach targetXML.xml?

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The paths you use in your ActionScript code to load external swfs, mp3s and images are relative to the html page that the swf is displayed in, not the location of the swf itself.

The location of you html page will dictate the path that you use. 


I don't know where you html page is, so I really can't help beyond that. 


If your html page is in Client100 I would start with trying ../CommonXML/targetXML.xml


If not try a few more ../../ ;)

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