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Staggerto for Owl Carousel .Owl-Item class not working?

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I created a jsfiddle so you can see how Owl Slider works.


I tried a staggerto so that the items in section 2 bounce in when the corresponding tab is clicked. The issue only seems to exist with the owl-item class which im targeting.


Why wouldnt it work? Is there anything special about that specific class?

See the Pen by Epmwx (@Epmwx) on CodePen

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I don't see any greensock api used in your example? 

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Sorry, it isn't clear to me at all how you expect us to trigger GSAP code when folks interact with your owl carousel. 

All the js you load externally is minified. 


However, this seems to work on the first set: http://jsfiddle.net/Epmwx/85/


Typically we focus our support on understanding how the GSAP tools work, kind of tough to integrate with 3rd party plugins when we do not know how they work. 


Hopefully you will see that TweenMax.staggerFrom() will work with what you have. You just have to figure out how to trigger it at the right time.



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