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Problem with a mastertimeline and nested timelines placed in fnctions.

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Hi Greensock!


I  wan't to use a master timeline where I can put in nested timelines. The same way it works in "Greensock homepage Animation".


I have chosen TimelineMax for the mastertimeline (called "master") and Timelinelite for the nested timelines. The nested timelines have I placed in functions. So it will be easier to adjust things when complexity of the animation increase.


The problem is that the chaining doesn't work in the mastertimeline. All the functions starts at the same time, or doesn't start at all. 


There also seams to be some problem how to add the functions to the mastertimeline called "master".


If I write:






Only the logo-function is executed.


If I write:






All the functions are executed at the same time.


*I use jQuery $(document).ready(function(){});


Can someone please help me?


Best regards



See the Pen PwGdZP by anon (@anon) on CodePen

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If you add the line

return tl;

at the end of each logo function, then


will work as I believe you are intending.

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