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Hovering Effect on images

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Is it possible to create a hovering effect on an object using a Green Sock Solution? Instead of a static button I would like to have a button that looks like it is hovering.

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Not exactly sure what you are looking for but start with this


place a clip with instance name mc on the stage and add this code


import com.greensock.*;

//record start position so that the mc never moves too far away from its origin
var startX = mc.x;
var startY = mc.y;

//move random 4 pixels
function move():void {
//create a random tween and call this function again when its done
TweenLite.to(mc, 0.6, {x:startX + Math.random()*5, y:startY + Math.random()*5, onComplete:move});

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I tried it and its close to what I want but I need it to be smoother. I will play with the values.


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