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pausing and resuming tweens nested in movie clips

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this is probably a rather basic problem to solve...

I'm working on a project consisting of three "container" movieclips each of which contain multiple child movieclips that are tweened with TweenMax and what I need are buttons to pause and resume the child twens in each indiviudal container MC.

I managed to stop the tweens using the "KillChildTweensOf()" function but I'm not finding a way to resume the tweens again. functions like pauseAll and resumeAll don't seem to be able to be targeted at the specific containers, and targeting all child movieclips separately seems a bit overcomplicated.

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HI and welcome to the GreenSock forums. 


Currently there is not a built in method to get all child tweens of children of a container.

Not sure how your app is built but each tween in each container could be added to a TimelineLite and then each container would have its own timeline that you pause() and play(). http://greensock.com/timelinelite-as


Another option is you create an Array for each containers tweens and then you just loop through that Array to control the tweens.

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