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Wonder Giant

Thoughts on Keeping MP3Loader and VideoLoader in sync?

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Hi all,


This may be more of a theoretical question. I need to pick someone else's brain since I have tried everything I can think of.


I am working on an app that has a video track (with audio), and then I need ANOTHER audio track to be playing on top of that (in sync). The purpose being that I need to be able to toggle the second audio track on/off


  • The video is in a VideoLoader.
  • The Audio is in an MP3Loader.
  • The are both set to autoPlay:false



When I am ready to show them I call:

// Sync the sound loader to wherever the video is
mySoundLoader.soundTime = myVideoLoader.videoTime;

// Play both files at once.
Trouble is if one or the other lags at all, then they will be out of sync. So I wrote a function to check on it every once and a while and resync the two files, but that in itself causes a 'glitch' when it resyncs.
So overall I was wondering if there is some other magic way I do not know about to keep the two in better sync?
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Not really sure what else to suggest. Your attempt to occasionally re-synch them seems like the best bet, and I'm not really sure how to do that without a little stutter. As far as I know it isn't possible to get perfect synchronization of separate video and audio.

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