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Loadermax not loading images on iOS

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Hello guys :),


My application is working fine when deployed to Android and the Flash Player Debugger, however LoaderMax isn't finding my assets when deploying to iOS. I am using flashdevelop and my assets are placed in my bin folder and are referenced as follows:

_loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/background_clouds.jpg", { name:"background", estimatedBytes:77000, alpha:1, width:Global.stageWidth, height:Global.stageHeight, scaleMode:"stretch" } ) );
			_loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/background_settings.jpg", { name:"background_settings", estimatedBytes:77000, alpha:1, width:Global.stageWidth, height:Global.stageHeight, scaleMode:"stretch" } ) );
			_loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_arrow_right.png", { name:"right_arrow", alpha:1} ) );
			_loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_settings.png", { name:"settings", alpha:1} ) );
			_loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_arrow_left.png", { name:"left_arrow", alpha:1} ) );
			_loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_cross_norm.png", { name:"close", alpha:1} ) );
			_loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_cross_down.png", { name:"close_down", alpha:1} ) );
			_loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_upgrade_norm.png", { name:"upgradeUp", alpha:1} ) );
			_loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_upgrade_down.png", { name:"upgradeDown", alpha:1} ) );
			_loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_subscribe_norm.png", { name:"subscribeUp", alpha:1} ) );
			_loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_subscribe_down.png", { name:"subscribeDown", alpha:1} ) );

Do I need to do something different when deploying to iOS?


Thanks in advance,



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Sorry to hear you are having problems. LoaderMax was not designed for packaging on iOS, however we have heard that folks have had success with it. 

I believe though that you need to generate urls relative to your applications' s home directory and something about a nativePath.

Maybe this thread will get you closer: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/9471-loading-image-from-ios-applicationstoragedirectory/


I would recommend trying to load some images without LoaderMax / ImageLoader so that you can verify exactly how you should be pointing to them.

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