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deep nesting via SWFLoader

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The architecture is shell.swf -> a.swf -> b.swf


shell.swf loads a.swf which in turn load b.swf


For some reason shell.swf displays only a.swf


Interestingly when I run a.swf on it's own it does load and display b.swf


not sure what I'm missing here.


Note: I'm getting access to document class for each loaded swf, instantiating and then adding as a child to the parent. Context


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hmm. Not really sure what the issue could be. Does it work if you just try to add the childs to the display list the normal way (not by manually instantating document classes)? Does this work if you use AS3 Loaders? (not SWFLoaders).

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Hi Carl :)


Same problem with (AS3 Loaders + Document Class Instantiation), this seems like a flash bug to me, deeply nested clips won't appear if they are instantiated using document classes, however they exist in memory and are responding to function calls.


Everything works and displays if I don't choose the route of Document Class instantiation and instead just add the loader.content, however, this will defeat the purpose if wanna instantiate/add a loaded swf multiple times.

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