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Swf loading cause android screen to blink.

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I have this bug that I want to ask about. I am using swfloader to load up swf movie and as it loads, I play it after is hit certain percentage loaded. The thing is, the first time I load up the swfloader, the screen blink. It only occur to the first swf loading upon launching the app, and it only happen in android, not IOS. After the first swf loading, other swf file load without a blink perfectly.


Can anyone advise me on the possible reasons that cause this blink? I would like to get rid of it.

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There is no doubt that Android phones and tablets don't support SWF format natively. If you want to play SWF on Android, you'd better to think of other ways. In this article, we recommend two methods for you to solve "Android Won't Play SWF".


Method one: Play SWF on Android Directly


Method two: Play SWF on Android with Flash Player

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