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calling TweenLite instead of TweenMax

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I remember reading that you should call TweenLite instead of TweenMax if you're doing something that doesn't require TweenMax's added functionality, such as TweenLite.delayedCall, because it will be slightly faster. Is this still the case? I kind of remember reading somewhere that it doesn't matter now and you can just call TweenMax for everything.

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Yep, you remembered correctly. But frankly, the difference is imperceptible in pretty much every practical scenario I can think of, so you're fine using TweenMax. I'm just a super picky performance buff. So TweenLite and TimelineLite are very slightly faster than TweenMax and TimelineMax just because they don't have to worry about factoring in any repeats and a few other features, but the *Max tools are super fast too, so even if you had 100 things tweening at the same time, I doubt you'd ever notice the slightest difference. Use TweenMax without any guilt :)

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