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TweenLite.ticker current delta time

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Hey guys,

I'm using TweenLite's ticker to provide my game with a loop I can use for updating the physics.

To make my game framerate independent I need the delta time (DT).


The docs suggest the callback receives event which I thought might include the DT, however the event is undefined.


I can calculate the delta time myself however I was hoping it would be available.


For now I can do this...

var previous_time = 0,
    dt = 0;

TweenLite.ticker.addEventListener("tick", function() {
    previous_time = current_time
    current_time = TweenLite.ticker.time
    dt = (current_time - previous_time) * 1000
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Yep, it's best if you calculate it rather than us injecting code into the core that'd carry with it a cost [albeit small] for everyone, especially because I'd bet that less than 0.001% of users would ever use it. Doesn't hurt to ask, though :) If a lot of people start requesting it, we'll reconsider. 

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